When friends ask for emotional comfort, I offer them this:
Slander and Fruit-Based Revenge.

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Plus, the thing that annoys me most about Moffat’s writing is not really about how characters are fleshed out, but how I don’t feel moved by the central conflicts or mysteries of his seasons.

(spoiler alert for people who haven’t caught up to the current season, under the read more)

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Not only that, put a lot of the newer episodes with Clara are just way too crazy and too hard to follow. Moffat is a really shitty writer imo, and I’m glad we’ve got Peter coming in because so far I’ve heard that he isn’t gonna put up with Moffat’s bullshit scripts.

I don’t know that they were hard to follow so much as hard to justify? (spoilers under read more)

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why do people like white wine

It’s not really wine so much as it is bad perfume in the incorrect receptacle.


Does anyone else find it odd that our society expects 14-year-old kids to know what jobs they will want for the rest of their lives, but doesn’t believe an adult woman when she says she doesn’t want to be a mother?


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